Po Delta Park

Po Delta Park
Villaggio del Sole in Marina Romea is waiting for you near the Po Delta Park for your holidays on the seaside.
The Po Delta Park was established in 1988 and covers an area of 600 h. 
The park starts in the northern province of Rovigo, extends mostly in the province of Ferrara and stretches south to the province of Ravenna. 
The Po Delta can be defined as the most important wetland in Italy and amongst the most important ones in Europe for its unique landscapes, the broad expanses of reed thickets and valleys of water, the abundance and variety of its fauna, and furthermore for its rich biodiversity.
Punta Alberete
This is the estuary that is home to the most important ecosystem in the Ravenna province. Its conservational features are probably amongst the most important in Europe. Punte Alberete is a swamp wood of ash and white willow trees. Villa Mandriole is home to vast areas of reed thickets. The car parking area and path that leads to Punte Alberete is on the Romea road. It is possible to see Valle Mandriole from the observation tower on the Romea road.
San Vitale Forest
Is the largest and most western remaining area of the ancient pine forests that once surrounded Ravenna. Access to the forest is by way of 3 paths leading from the State Romea road. 
Is a large lagoon which is open to the Adriatic sea tides that creates rolling sand dunes. These dunes are home to many seagulls and terns. A panoramic view of the Pialassa is given from the observation tower on the Marina Romea area. The Pialassa may be reached from the San Vitale forest.
The Great Wood of Mesola
is the only example of woodland coast. It is what remains of the ancient Adriatic forests. There are currently approximately 100 deer and 200 fallow deer living in the wood. At approximately 400 metres from the entrance to the wood there is the “ Giardino del Delta” a botanical garden for aquatic grasses, flowers, trees and other plants.
The Comacchio Valleys
The Comacchio Valleys cover approximately 10,000 hectares and are what remains of the immense lagoon that once surrounded this ancient town. The Valleys are home to many species of birds and the ancient sand dunes are populated by many of the species typical of the Northern Adriatic humid areas.



Each week ( between June and August), the Village organises free guided bike excursions within the Po Delta Park, in particular to the Piallasse and the age-old pinewoods which surround Villaggio del Sole, a heaven for birdwatchers. Leaving at 9 am and returning around 12 noon the journey is 24 kms. The most adventurous guests can enjoy canoeing excursions (paid reservations only), departure 300 m. from the Villagge.

Villaggio del Sole supports the environmental sustainability project through Lega Ambiente turismo in Italy and the Visit circuit in Europe.